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- minimum of 10 required


Junior/Adult Course - 2 courses (blue & green) + big zip
AGE REQUIREMENT: Ages 10 to 16
(must reach the height requirement of 5'11
with their heads above their head)
$35.00 per person without food
$40.00 per person with pizza and drinks provided



Kids Course only
(each person must meet minimum of the 4'7" height requirement and there must be an adult accompany the group)
$25.00 per person without food
$30.00 per person with food


height restrictions




Weather Cancellation Policy

All of our activities operate RAIN or SHINE. Only severe weather conditions such as, thunder, lightning, high winds and heavy down pours will temporarily close the courses. In the event that Treetop Eco-Adventure Park closes the courses and guests have been waiting for over 1 hour, guests can receive a RAIN check or REFUND depending on how far the customer was on the course before it closed.



It is at the guides discretion if you continue on to each level of the course.  If they see you are struggling at any portion of the course they can bring you down and at that time you will NOT be allowed to go to the big zip you may continue walking with your group.  You will not be able to resume the course at any other point and there is no refund.

If you are lowered down at any point in the course there is a) no refund and b) you are not able to continue on the course but can follow along with your group on the ground.

















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