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Treetop Eco-Adventure Park Courses

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Guest Preparation

All of our attractions require "hands-on" interaction. The level of preparation is minimal, but Extremely Important, Safety Always comes first at Treetop Eco-Adventure Park. Bringing gloves and water bottles is highly recommended.


To assist us in providing you with a unique one of a kind experience, please take a minute to learn about our safety guidelines and requirements for age, height, weight and clothing that apply to our aerial adventure park.


Waiver Form

View and print our waiver form (pdf)


Please note that Guests under the age of 18 must also have their waiver forms signed by their parent or legal guardian.


It is at the guides discretion if you continue on to each level of the course.  If they see you are struggling at any portion of the course they will not let you continue on to the next course level. At that time you will be allowed to go to the big zip to finish or continue walking with your group.  You will not be able to resume the course at any other point and there is no refund.

If you are lowered down at any point in the course there is a) no refund and b) you are not able to continue on the course but can follow along with your group on the ground c) your helmet will be taken off.




Our Facility offers over 60 aerial adventure activities divided into 4 color-coded courses for kids, youth and adults.

We teach You...You Show Us...
Once you have reviewed and meet Treetop Eco-Adventure Parks guidelines and you have completed your waiver form and paid for your access to Treetop Eco-Adventure Park, you'll be scheduled into a brief group training session.

During this demonstration training, you'll be fitted into your harness and your guide will show you how to attach yourself to safety lines and zip lines. This training gives you the knowledge and guidelines to self-manage the equipment designed for your own personal safety as you travel from tree to tree. You must demonstrate the ability to use the equipment properly before you can continue from the demonstration area. Once your guide deems that you can safely use your equipment, you'll be able to continue onto a course.

Treetop Eco-Adventure Park's ground patrol and guiding staff observes and guides you in the proper use of equipment from the trails below the courses. These guides can also let you know where the course exit points are located at any time, if you want to get your feet back on the ground.

TreeGO Guidelines & Requirements

Please read the height and age requirements carefully for each course and be aware that in order to access any one course, all the minimum requirements must be met.

Height Requirements

In order for guests to be able to reach the safety lines and manage their way through the course they must meet certain minimum height requirements:

In order to use the Children's Yellow Course, each child is required to be able to reach the tips of their fingers to a height of 4'7" (140 cm) while keeping their feet flat on the ground. An adult must accompany children under the age of 16 on the ground. AGE REQUIREMENT: Ages 7 to 13

In order to use the Adult/Youth Course, guests are required to be able to reach the tips of their fingers to a height of 5'11" (180 cm) while keeping their feet flat on the ground.


height restrictions

Weight Requirements
There is no weight limit for the courses, however the standard harness will not fit anyone over 275 lbs for men and 225 lbs for women.

Please Prepare Yourself:

Long hair MUST be tied back so as not to be caught in a pulley. Ask a staff person for a hair band if you require one.

NO open-toed shoes. Sturdy sport shoes/boots are required and to be worn securely.


If you have fingerless work out gloves or work gloves it is strongly recommended that you bring them. We do however have some for sale here at $5.00 a pair.

Strongly recommend no jewelry (especially necklaces or loose bracelets which could get caught in equipment).

Clothing should be appropriate for the weather and must be worn tight to the body to avoid catching on apparatus.

Trees make sap. Sap stains clothes. Dress appropriately. Treetop Eco-Adventure Park is not responsible for damaged clothing.


This is an outdoor forest activity there may be insects, repellant is recommended.

Note: Guests not wearing the appropriate clothing or shoes may be refused access to activities to ensure that safety guidelines are met.

For Your Safety and Our Peace of Mind!

Courses must be done in rising order of difficulty on your first visit.
You must remain attached to a cable at all times!
You must observe all rules and safety instructions at all times.
You will be trained in the use of Treetop Eco-Adventure Park's equipment and must demonstrate the ability to use the equipment before progressing beyond the training area.

Our patrollers are empowered to immediately, without warning, exclude a participant from the course, without a refund, for safety infractions.
Notify a patroller immediately if you observe any unnecessary risk to anyone on the course.


Weather Cancellation Policy

All of our activities operate RAIN or SHINE. Only severe weather conditions such as, thunder, lightning, high winds and heavy down pours will temporarily close the courses. In the event that Treetop Eco-Adventure Park closes the courses and guests have been waiting for over 1 hour, guests can receive a RAIN check or REFUND depending on how far the customer was on the course before it closed.


NO PETS allowed


Refund or Rainchecks


Hiking Trails

Our trails and property are not for hiking they are only to be used by our guests, & adult supervised paying customers. We are a PRIVATE PARK.















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