Preparing for iBOUNCE at Treetop Eco-Adventure Park

Guest Preparation

All of our attractions require "hands-on" interaction

The level of preparation is minimal, but extremely important.
Safety always comes first.

To assist us in providing you with a unique one of a kind experience, please take a minute to learn about our safety guidelines and requirements for age, heigh, weight and clothing that apply to our interactive outdoor trampoline net park.

iBOUNCE at Treetop Eco-Adventure Park Rules


  • NO sandals or croc’s
    closed toed and secure shoes are required
  • NO flips
  • NO bouncing
    in the bouncing passageways
  • NO sitting or laying down
    when not in the RELAXATION STATION
  • Do your best to remain
    6 feet apart to ensure safety
  • Be courteous to those around you

iBOUNCE at Treetop Eco-Adventure Park's has ground patroller and guiding staff observes and guides you in following rules and ensuring safe play. These guides can also let you know where the trampoline exit points are located at any time, if you want to get your feet back on the ground.

While on the trampolines ....

These are self managed trampoline nets, our guides and ground patrollers are they to assist you. They are not always on the trampoline nets with you but may be seen by you on the entrance platforms. You will be asked to call out to the guide when assistance is required.


Your play time is at the guides discretion if you are not following the rules of play you may be asked to leave. You will not be able to resume play on any of the other trampoline nets and there is no refund.

** NOTE **

Guests not wearing the appropriate clothing or footwear may be refused access to activities to ensure that safety guidelines are met.

Our patrollers are empowered to immediately, without warning, exclude a participant from the course, without a refund, for safety infractions. Notify a patroller immediately if you observe any unnecessary risk to anyone on the course.
  Guidelines & Requirements Age
Children's Reservation Times Must be accompanied by an Adult at $10+HST.
The adult WILL BE on the trampolines with the children (up to 4 only)
Age 5 to 8

Youth/Adult Reservation Times Youth ages 9 to 15 must have an Adult at NO CHARGE NOT PARTICIPATING but in the view area of the trampoline nets Age 9 +

For your safety and our peace of mind!

* You must observe all rules and safety instructions at all times.

* If you are not following the rules our guides will warn you one (1) time after that the guide has the right to remove you from the trampoline nets and send you back to the Welcome Centre to leave the property.

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