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BOGO May 20,21,22, 2017 (Buy 1 get 1 1/2 price all weekend long - not to be combined with any other discounts



new 2016

safety first

Treetop Eco-Adventure Park uses the highest quality and above industry stardard safety equipment. Each participant is equipped with a sit harness and chest harness and helmet.

We have also incorporated the CLiC-iT system into our safety protocal. This system ENSURES that the climber will not be unclipped at any point on the course.


5 years + for children's course

"Coming this summer " - The safe roller system is being incorporated onto our Children's course allowing children as young at 5 to participate. There is no clipping and unclipping ensuring the childs safety at all times.

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combat archery

archery games

This year TreeTop Eco-Adventure Park is proud to offer something new and exciting to our clients. Coming in the Spring is Outdoor Archery Games, ‪#‎CombatArchery‬. We are building an awesome 50' by 80' Combat Archery arena to do battle in.



What it is

"What is Combat Archery? It combines the exciting fun of paintball and capture the flag with the ancient art of ‪#‎Archery‬. The arrows are soft foam tipped that causes no injury and the bows are in the 20-25 lbs draw weight range."